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At the end of 2006, EPFL decided to launch the strategic initiative ESRP (EPFL Space Research Programme) with the goal to promote and foster space activities at EPFL. At the same time, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched a programme to increase cooperation between universities, research centres, and ESA to co-fund PhD research programmes, the so-called "Networking-Partnering Initiative (NPI)". Since the objectives of these two initiatives are very similar, it has been agreed to align both initiatives in order to improve the synergy between R&D space activities performed at EPFL and ESA.


The main objective of this call is to invite EPFL labs to submit PhD research ideas in order to foster space research at EPFL. It is based on a trans-disciplinary approach with a strong emphasis on all the EPFL faculties in order to investigate innovative ideas in the space domain. It is foreseen that up to 4 of the best proposals will be funded by EPFL. Moreover, there is the strong possibility to select up to 5 additional proposals, co-funded under the Networking/Partnering Initiative by both EPFL and ESA. One of the other aims of this call is to foster inter-faculty cooperation at EPFL so resourceful proposals covering the area of expertise by several faculties are strongly encouraged.


This Joined EPFL/ESA call for PhD research in the space domain has been published on 5 April 2007.


The deadline to submit proposals has been set to 31 May 2007.

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